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Welcome to Canadian Delicacies.

Thursday, 13-Jun-2024 14:13:57 PDT

We are dedicated to providing Canadians away from home
with the Canadian goodies you love and miss. Chocolate Bars, Chips, Cookies, Candies, Cereals, Coffees, Teas, Spreads, sauces and much, much more
We will ship anywhere in the world and charge no extra fees for adminstration or filling out paperwork.

We're adding products constantly, so check back frequently to see what's been added.

Browse around and enjoy.

We can get anything Canadian that you want. If you don't see it here - please contact
and we will get it for you.

The fall/winter special is free gift boxing for 16 - 24 bars.

Just put gift boxing in the comments section and write a short message for the gift card as well.

Extra special until further notice! - Shipping on orders over $250.00 - $61.99

We accept PayPal.  The safest payment solution available.

Please note: We are registered with the FDA as required by the "bioterrorism act"
and submit all necessary paperwork before shipping your order.

No orders will be affected by this new regulation.

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