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Kinder Surprise Eggs
Box of 24
Please note: Until now, we have been wrapping all boxes of Kinder Eggs in Bubble Wrap to further protect them during shipping. Because of the drastic shift in the dollar, we will no longer be able to do this at no charge.

We will be charging $1.50 per box to have the bubble wrapping and we strongly recommend that you purchase this for each box that you order.
Click here to add bubble wrap to your eggs.


All new for 2014 with all new toys and codes to play on line.
Our chocolate Kinder Surprise Eggs make perfect gifts, for yourself or for others, on any occasion.

Kinder eggs are the same size as ordinary eggs and have two layers of delicious sweet chocolate:
one milk chocolate layer and one white chocolate layer.

Inside the Kinder Egg is a surprise toy contained in a plastic capsule.
You can never tell what kind of toy is inside that capsule.
That's why it is called Kinder Surprise Egg!. Surprise!

Kinder Eggs are not recommended for children under 3 years of age. Small parts of toys might be swallowed or inhaled. Adult supervision recommended.
Kinder Surprise Eggs
Price $39.95

We have special packaging for Kinder Surprise and NHL Eggs.

Price is $1.50

You can add "Bubble Wrapping" to your order now.

Please note: One "Bubble Wrap" = one box.
Please add another bubble wrap for each box.

We have special packaging for hot weather (insulated and cooled).

Price is $3.99

You can add "Hot Weather Shipping" to your order now.

Please note: One "Hot Weather Shipping" = up to 48 bars.
Please add another hot weather shipping for more than 48 bars.

The Kinder people have just released a great new bar!

It's called "Kinder Bueno"
Click here for details and to purchase.


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