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Shirrif Lemon Pudding Mix
The best Lemon Pudding Filling I've ever used.
It's very Lemon-y!
$21.99/ box of 6 packages


An old favorite around here. The original Shreddies!
Available in 620g boxes or 1.24 K boxes


$7.49/620g box.

$10.95/1.2 Kilogram Box

Red River Cereal

This whole grain mixture of wheat, rye and flax originated in Manitoba's Red River Valley. High in fiber and naturally low in fat, Red River has a unique and delightful nutty flavour that can't be found in any single grain cereal.

1.35Kg of this wholesome cereal (only available in Canada.)


$15.95/ 2 boxes

$39.95/ 6 boxes

Kraft Dinner

The all popular Kraft Dinner (mostly for our International Customers)
We've included this because we've had requests from some European customers for it.


$5.99/ 2 boxes

$14.99/ 6 boxes
President's Choice Tea President's Choice, Orange Pekoe Tea.
A HUGE box of 216 tea bags.
Terrific tea at a price you can afford!

$11.95 for a box of 216 Tea Bags

Buy a box
Red Rose Orange Pekoe Tea Bags Red Rose, Orange Pekoe Tea.
Box of 216 tea bags.
Only in Canada, folks!! $14.95 for a box of 216 Tea Bags

Buy a box

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