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Because of the bulk of Potato Chips, we have to charge $19.99 for ground shipping for EACH FOUR bags of Miss Vickie's chips and $21.99 for each 4 bags of Humpty Dumpty, Old Dutch and Lay's Chips..
Potato chips are not included in our reduced shipping offer.

    Old Dutch (formerly Humpty Dumpty) Ketchup Chips.
    Old Dutch purchased Humpty Dumpty chips over a year ago and have now switched the packaging to their own. The chips still have the same Humpty Dumpty flavor, so purchase without hesitation.
    We hear that there are no good Ketchup Chips south of the border, so here ya'go!
    Old Dutch (formerly Humpty Dumpty) Ketchup chips are yours for the buying.
    (0% Trans Fats for these chips also.)
    $15.99 for 4 - 180g bag

    Also available in BBQ, and Dill Pickle

    Old Dutch Chips

Old Dutch (formerly Humpty Dumpty) Ketchup Chips
Click on each flavor for full description

Fantastic Miss Vickie's Chips!
These chips are really crisp and bring you the "honest, simple taste of long ago."
They have ZERO trans fat, all natural ingredients and most have no MSG (check descriptions).
$17.99 for 4-220 g packages

Miss Vickie's Chips

    Hostess Hickory Sticks.
    Remember them? Great snacks too!
    $15.99 for 4 - 300g bag

    Buy 4 bags of Hickory Sticks Original Flavor

Hostess Hickory Stix

Lays Dill Pickle  Chips Lay's Dill Pickle Chips.
These Chips are now in Lay's new format - made with 100% pure sunflower oil! (0% Trans Fats!)

Also available in Ketchup
$15.99 for 3-270g bags

Lay's Chips

    Humpty Dumpty BBQ Ringolos
    Great snacks!
    $15.99 for 4 - 300g bag

    Buy 4 bags of BBQ Ringolos

Humpty Dumpty Ringolos

Old Dutch Potato Chips
    Old Dutch Chips.
    We've had requests for Old Dutch Chips, so here they are. Please note that Old Dutch has purchased Humpty Dumpty, so this brand is now the ripple brand for Humpty Dumpty.
    $15.99 for 4 - 180g bag

    Available in Creamy Dill, Smokey BarBQ, Au Gratin and Sour Cream & Green Onion!

    Old Dutch Chips

To purchase more than one just change the amount in your shopping cart.

Chip shipping is US $19.99 (ground service) for each 4 bags of Miss Vickie's Chips you purchase, and $21.99 for each 4 bags of Lay's and Humpty Dumpty chips.

If you prefer Express shipping, tell us in the additional notes and we will invoice you for the difference.

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