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Loney's Poutine Sauce Great savings and more convenient!
Loney's makes the St. Hubert mixes.
This sauce is in a large plastic container (400g) and it's less expensive.

It's just as good too!
$9.99 per (400g) container.

$49.95 for box of 6.
Available in BBQ or Poutine Sauce.
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Loney's (St. Hubert) Sauce

Buy 6 containers
Loney's (St. Hubert) Sauce

St. Hubert's Poutine Sauce Swiss Chalet Chicken Gravy Mix
29.99 per box of 12 packages.
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Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce Sauce Mix
29.99 per box of 12 packages.
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Swiss Chalet Dipping Sauce Mix
Habitant Pea Soup Habitant Pea Soup
The REAL thing!

Also available in Pea Soup with Smoked Ham 13.99 per box of 6
Buy a box of 6

Habitant Pea Soup

24.99 per box of 12
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Habitant Pea Soup
Bisto Rich Brown Gravy Mix
$4.99 per 270g box
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Bisto Rich Brown Gravy Mix

Yorkshire Pudding Mix
By special request, and very difficult to find, but we found it!
Now you can make Yorkshire pudding the easy way.
$18.99/ box of 12 packages

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